Will Magic Submitter Work For You?



The ever changing ranking rules makes it difficult for many websites to retain the top spots in the search engines and has led to people trying to figure out how they can make sure they remain at the top or reach the top. Some people have content but do not know how to submit the content or they do not submit the content using the best techniques.

Here is What We Found Out About Magic Submitter Software

Magic Submitter is a tool that allows you to automatically send links and content to various websites all over.



Building backlinks is hard and time consuming. That is where this tool comes into play. It helps with spinning and submitting articles to hundreds and even thousands of websites within a very short time. The backlinks are automatically created. This will help your site get ranked at the top more than ten times faster than when using manual methods to get ranked.

Naturally Backlinked Content

Most people are usually concerned that their sites may get banned from Google and hence fear tools such as this. This is however something that you should not worry about. The tool is supported by a lot of proxies but you may decide to use a VPN if you want to feel completely safe. You can also use SecurityKiss as it gives you a new IP address every day.


The backlinks created from the various websites are designed in a way that is natural to the search engines. This is an important part of the ranking process since the search engines mainly use them in ranking sites. The links provided are also usually of high quality most of the times and only a few are of just the average quality. A record of all the links where it has sent content is usually kept for future reference and also for prospective customers.

Sites You Can Use With Magic Submitter

The tool submits your content to almost all the platforms out there. This include micro blogs such as Tumblr, social sites such as twitter, video sites, word press blogs, article directories, forum sites, press release sites, PDF sites, niche sites and blog sites. This means that your content reaches many different people and that your content is not just sent to one particular form of site.

Many Uses

You can use the software to submit articles and blog posts to the various sites. It works well in most of those sites. The place where it is best suited however is when used for videos. For those who want better rankings in places such as youtube this is definitely the software for them. Within a couple of days your video will have risen up the ranks quite remarkably. For blogs that have highly competitive keywords this tool will help your blog be ranked up.

You can use this tool in spinning content. The content is spun in such a way that the article produced looks like it is something else which is completely unique. Also the spun content is such that it is not easily detected as spun content by the search engines.


The software comes with various features which you will surely like. It has a list of sites which you could send your content. It is also possible to add other sites to this list which you think would work to your advantage. The list of sites is also updated monthly by the software company. The tool also enables you to create disposable emails and automatically fills in the profile details on your behalf. Verifying the email is also very easy using the user interface. This really helps in saving time as you are able to get results in a much shorter time.

Trial and Guarantee

The software comes with a 30 day trial period during which you are only charged $4.95 up front. The company also offers a 60 day period during which you can ask for a refund of all the money paid to them $71.95 if the software doesn’t meet your needs. This is done with no questions being asked.


The Spun Articles Aren’t Perfect

Yes the spinner is a good one compared to most, but naturally and manually spun articles are the best. Google is a stickler for original and readable content. You can use the article spinner feature as it is acceptable, but you can have someone on fiver spin your article for cheap as well.

Monthly Fee

After the 30 day period is over it costs $67 per month. For those who are only doing a couple of article submissions here and there, you may want to manually submit. However, if you are running several campaigns, The cost of the tool is relatively cheap compared to the service that you will get.


For those who want to be highly ranked with several campaigns, the Magic Submitter is an excellent idea.

“I use Magic Submitter on a daily basis for my customers.. I like creating campaigns and adding my own sites. I highly recommend it, it’s MAGIC!” Christoph Gruhn – Marketing Expert

“I’ve been using Magic Submitter for 2 years and it’s saved me 100′s of hours. It gives me the results that no other tool has been able to accomplish.” Braxton Ponder – Marketing Expert


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